Monday, January 5, 2009

Winter Sunset

One of the awesome things about winter is the sunrises and sunsets. The colors are simply amazing. It may be cold, windy and otherwise uncomfortable to be in, but you can't deny the beauty of a winter sunrise or sunset.

This was the sunset that mother nature blessed us with. A cup of coffee (or the occasional hot chocolate, yummy) and this view...who could complain about ending their day this way?!


  1. Beautiful shot of a beautiful sunset! I love to be up just when the sun is rising in the morning and gives everything a golden glow. I too love sunrises and sunsets. I'm usually only awake to appreciate sunsets though lol

  2. Stunning. I live up in the hills and we get some great sunsets off of our patio. You captured your sunset beautifully

  3. Makes me want to wrap myself up in a cozy home-made quilt, wrap my fingers around a warm cup of cocoa and watch the sun disappear from the front porch.