Friday, January 23, 2009

What do dreams really tell?

Dreams are a funny, yet strange commonality that we all share. But what is a dream? What does it tell, if anything?
This image made me think of a dream. "In my dream I am alone; for the world has disappeared and left me behind. I can smell loneliness, taste silence and see my heart beating. I am alone, and my senses are not what they seem, not what I know to be real. In my dream, is nothing real, or in fact, is everything real? Is it imagination, or all a matter of perception?"


  1. One word: Wow. I love the image, I love the words...just, wow.

    I've had such vivid dreams for so long that I know EXACTLY what you're saying.


  2. Your image is thought provoking. Makes me want to sit on that bench and contemplate. Dreams are what drive the human spirit each day. Without them there would be no zest for life.

  3. Love this image. It's very evocative!

  4. I love the colors here and the treatment done to this photo--Great job.