Friday, January 2, 2009

I love Red

Red is my favorite color. And I love anything that has a rusty look. So, put the two together, and I definitely love it!

This is an ornament that I bought from Pier One a few years ago. I have it in a few different colors, but love the red one, against one of our doors that is red. :-) When I looked up and saw it today, it made me smile, and I know it will be a good day.


  1. Oh so pretty. Love the red against the red Shawna. Very nice!

  2. I like the reflection on the door. Great shot!

  3. Hey Shawna~
    I'm on a red kick also. Love the capture and so glad your daughter is safe at home.

  4. Shawna~
    I am in a red phase also. Love the shot.

    I'm very happy to hear that your daughter is back home safely. Teenagers can give you a real scare sometimes.

  5. This could be a holiday card or postcard. It so simple, and yet not. I just love it!

  6. Love the red on red and the reflection!