Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Nothing like a favorite pair of Cons

Ah, yes. My red cons. I adore them. Out of all the shoes I have, expensive, cheap, dress and casual, I must say these are my fave. They rock! I don't know what I will do when they wear out completely. I sure hope they still make these particular ones! I have them in several colors, but nothing beats my red cons.
Ode to the cons...In honor of my red cons I am going to upload a large image in the blog, not the medium size that I normally use. Rock on red cons! And I even made sure that I took this image after midnight, so that it would be counted for my daily upload for 365! Sweet!


  1. I have never owned a pair - but this pic makes me want to run out and buy some :).

  2. Nice composition and DOF. It's hard to beat a favorite pair of shoes :o)

  3. Nice composition and dop! Love the bright red!