Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Meet Jazzy. She is my baby. Almost two years old, and attached to me at the hip like their is no tomorrow. Sometimes I feel bad when I leave her at home. She loves to go on road trips, ride around and leave her nose prints on my windows. :-) What a joy to clean that off every day. hehehe If I am gone too long, she honestly starts to gets depressed. But, when I come home she 'talks' to me (not barking, but more of an actual talking sound!) and welcomes me home like I am a long lost friend. She is awesome. The best dog I have ever had. Oh, and she hugs people too. She comes up to you, puts her head on your shoulder or into your chest and pushes. And if you don't hug her tight enough, she puts her paw on you to hold you. (Like a person would with an arm) She is so loving; I am amazed by her selflessness every day. Each day she reminds me how to be patient, kind and show unconditional love.
I don't believe in reincarnation, but if I did, I would say her and I were sisters in a past life. Whether I was the dog, or she was the human, lol, we would have been sisters.

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