Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sweet Angel

This is not part of my 365, technically. Although I guess it could be since I did take them on a 365 day, lol.
Part of the reason for being behind in uploading my 365 images is due to sessions. (which I guess is a good thing!)

I have not created a blog for my business. I have thought about it and probably should. Anyway, since I do not have a Shawna Lynn Photography business blog, I thought I would share a couple images of a sweetheart and angel from a recent session.


  1. The wispy hair and wispy wings make a great pair. Very cute! :o)

  2. HI! I came across your blog through live traffic feed information. I am another Lincoln person who is doing Project 365. I am having a lot of fun with it! Beautiful pictures!

  3. ah look at my sweet baby!!!! i can't wait to get these hung on my wall!!!

  4. These are really great! Excellent work.